Welcome to Brahma Vivah, a proud initiative of Brahma Satya..


We wish every Brahmin Bride or Groom should get marry at the right age and settle. We hace tried to kept the concept very simple. We are happy to announce the TOTAL FREE service towards this. We know there are lots of such services and many of them are paid. With the reality that, it is difficult to subscribe on all platforms, we have kept this FREE but purely on APPROVAL

Please follow the steps given below on how effectively use this platform.

Here is the video of the entire steps..

  1. Visit the website http://www.brahmasatya.in
  2. From the top Menu, go to features and select Brahma Vivah
  3. You will be taken to the Vivah Platform

Entire operation is in 3 steps only

  1. Under the menu Brahma Vivah, Select Registration. (This is for first time only)
  2. Form will be presented to you.
    Fill all the details and submit

Your user name will be approved the ADMIN TEAM on scrutiny

  1. Check your email. For the first time, you may have to check in Spam, Junk, Promotion Etc, as the emails are generated from the website.
  2. Once the user is approved, come back to BrahmaVivah website.
  3. From the menu Brahma Vivah, select ADD PROFILE
  4. LOGIN with your credentials.
  5. Form will be presented.
  6. FILL EVERY DETAIL, as it is mandatory.
  7. Submit the form.

Your profile will be approved the ADMIN TEAM on scrutiny.

  1. If you want to see the profiles of others, from the website, under the menu Brahma Vivah, Select View profile.
  2. You need to be loged-in to view others profile.

Keep watching and you will be refreshed with new profiles.

Best Wishes and Good Luck